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I’m currently on a minor hiatus from blogging here due to a couple of reasons though one of which is to join a new platform that will be somewhat demanding. But, despite this new development I will still try to provide daily/weekly/monthly posts here so don’t leave me yet! To read any of my new musings and posts please go to:

ThinkBrigade is an independent online magazine which is published by a united, collaborative and multi-media team of 35 international reporters. It aims to showcase best practices of multimedia reporting through a team-based method where sharing ideas and skills takes place in order to cover the timely topics that matter to the world.

My maiden post can be found here, and below is just a taster of what it entails:

On the 22nd of June this year, Rio+20 will take place once again in Rio de Janeiro where the establishment of new sustainable development goals (SDG) will happen. The goals will focus on the impact of higher education in areas such as: decent green jobs, energy, sustainable cities, food security, etc. In conjunction with the SDGs the conference will also focus on two major themes – a green economy and poverty eradication. Many are anticipating the outcome of Rio+20 and are wondering to themselves, “will anything change?”



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