Infograph: Human responsibility for Earth

An interesting infograph created by the people at telling it like it is.


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I’m currently on a minor hiatus from blogging here due to a couple of reasons though one of which is to join a new platform that will be somewhat demanding. But, despite this new development I will still try to provide daily/weekly/monthly posts here so don’t leave me yet! To read any of my new musings and …

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China’s increasing interest with Africa has many Western countries warning of a new era of colonialism. The world’s finite natural resources are fast becoming depleted to fill the demand in supply. There has been an influx of commercial attention to Africa and its virtually untapped lands for this reason; at the forefront of such attention, …

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On November 20th the world celebrated Universal Childrens Day, a day put aside by the UN to observe the charter and welfare of children around the world. In celebration of this day there were over 100 TEDxYouthDay events across 50 countries around the world. The aspiration of these TEDxYouthDay events are to inspire, provoke curiosity, empower …

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