Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste” is a scandalous new documentary produced by Valentin Thurn of Thurnfilm dealing with the obscured mass of food gone wasted. From what his trailer entails the documentary will focus mainly on food waste produced by European Union countries. Though with facts like: “The food thrown away in Europe would be twice the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the world.” you can apply it easily enough to countries like the U.S. and others. From his footage you can see the food thrown away isn’t in a horrible inedible condition no human being could ever eat but the complete opposite. So why is this happening?
(Unfortunately this documentary will only be released at present in German Cinemas)

1 comment
  1. Frankie said:

    Hi! I just saw the documentary at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival!

    It was truly inspirational.

    Just a quick comment, Valentin is a guy :)


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