China and The US Hold Stalemate Over Climate Talks….Again

China and the US have left tempers flaring in their wake after climate talks earlier this week, holding yet another stalemate during talks.They are refusing to sign anything but a contract that will only begin to act on climate change starting from 2020.

NGO’s and others are furious at this suggestion due to the fact it would leave nations in a nine year limbo of helplessness. Since the inception of this idea presented by China and the US, NGO’s are scrambling to get worldwide awareness of this issue and to shut it down immediately. The youth of the US as well as many others from the conference are also calling the US to step aside if they do not want to co-operate with the talks instead of halting progress.

Earlier this evening a young woman named Abigail Borah from SustainUS interrupted a conference at the time when lead US negotiator Todd Stern was about to speak. Her speech was representing the youth of the US and state what they truly felt. They believe that the US negotiators do not represent the views and opinions of the youth anymore and so they no longer speak on behalf of the youth of the US.

Soon after the speech Abigail Borah was rejected from the hall and thrown out of the conferences for telling the truth by COP17 security guards.

China and the US are the worlds two largest producers of carbon dioxide emissions which they clearly already know. It is with this fact whilst also accounting for population, economy and interests that leave them hesitant do any action at all about climate change let alone these discussion.

Both these countries seem to have commitment issues in regards to the future of the world so perhaps they should be reminded. If this “ping-pong game” as Jo Leinen, an environmental expert from the European parliament put it, does not end then it will leave us back to square one.

These talks are already eight days in and they’re already quickly following the same pattern as the last three COP talks. Though at least for this years COP17 all hope is not lost. Countries have already changed their tone from “whether” such and such will be implemented, to “how” can we make this work.

You can watch the climate talks LIVE at:



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