Brazil Under Scrutiny From REDD Inaction


Picking off from where they left off in last years talks, not much has changed for Brazil in regards to REDD (reducing emissions for deforestation and forest degradation). There was little or no action again throughout talks with much deliberation to do anything at all.

NGO’s such as the Ecosystem Climate Alliance have criticised Brazils inability to act and are accusing them of blocking progress. South American countries like Brazil are heavily reliant on their forests which are their primary source of income.

All hesitations in regards to REDD are all centred around the financial issues if this was to be implemented. Though, if Brazil is not on board for this contract and willing to act in these negotiations then REDD will not be able to be sustained with the lack of funding and commitment already.

There have been suggestions of implementing a Carbon Trading scheme alike to the one in Australia though Brazil is apparently opposed this idea. They are also strangely opposed to the idea of teaming up with Bolivia in regards to this issue.

There is also news that safeguards from the initial draft texts have been rediscussed and edited. The safeguards refer to the list of REDD conditions that will protect indigenous tribes and their rights as well as the ability to control their own forest policy.

The list of safeguards were already discussed and confirmed at COP16 in Cancun, Mexico. But apparently they needed to be re-evaluated to strip more rights away from indigenous tribes.

You can watch the climate talks LIVE at:

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