COP17 Durban Is Now In Session

COP17 is well underway in Durban, South Africa with the talks beginning on the 30th of November. There is already pressure from heightened occurrences of intensifying natural disasters throughout the year in every continent. Every conversation held at these talks by the 194 delegates present, will be scrutinised by the world to determine their climate change response.

This event may possibly be the most important, under reported world news piece of the year. Fragile issues such as the renewal of a Kyoto Protocol, carbon emissions, REDD++, indigenous tribes and of course climate change as well as others will be on the table for discussion.

As little news has been reported of the current COP17 situation here is a quick summary of day one and two so far:

  • Kyoto Protocol renewal is on the table (and its financial aspects) with thanks to Africa for the push to get this done. The EU is also taking a lead role in this issue.
  • Green Climate Fund is being discussed and it is a fund that is currently being developed for poorer countries to adapt to climate change. There has been some trouble in regards how this will be implemented and who will monitor the fund.
  • There is some tension between China and the EU in regards to the Kyoto Protocol with China accusing the EU of creating a binding treaty for the protocol
  • “Occupy” is also present at the talks with people setting up camp for an “Occupy COP17” The Island nation delegates have also joined the Occupy COP17 group with the delegate of Grenada telling the crowd: “You are our conscience, and we will be your voice inside those halls.”

Between all of these talks taking place, NGO’s  such as: Greenpeace, Mongabay, Canadian Youth Coalition and more have been holding press conferences to aid talks and provide insight.

You can watch the talks in Durban LIVE, here at: 



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