Oct. 15th: The Global Revolution Has Begun

A few weeks back Anonymous and Adbusters posted ads and tweeted ominously about a “Global Revolution” to take place today, October 15th. True to their word the revolution has indeed begun taking form in the shape of “#occupy“.

In a myriad of countries around the world the #occupy protests have already been planned and enacted. Israel, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Argentina and more are just getting started.

The people taking part in these protests have become far more diversified with students, teachers, the unemployed, the employed and environmentalists like Bill Mckibben joining in. The one goal of toppling the 1% has unified them all, and the world.

It’s time to act to fight corporate greed and all that it stands for. Who knows when there’ll be another protest on this scale to take on the 1%. If we do it now, do it right things may change for the better.

The occupy protests right here in Hong Kong will take place at the podium in Exchange Square, Central today, from 2-5pm. Some taking part are hoping to bring the protest all the way to Monday. The Facebook event can be found here: http://on.fb.me/ngT10e

Hope to see you there.

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