Hong Kong Development Plan Threatens Last Solace For Endangered Animals

A proposed building project called “The Baroque on Lamma” to take place on Lamma Island threatens the last natural habitat for the endangered green turtle, finless porpoise and endemic Romer’s tree frog.

The building project supposedly aims to fulfil Hong Kong’s need for facilities for international yacht regattas and berthing for “super yachts.” The project also entails the development of: 900 residential units, a resort, 500 berth marina, commercial buildings, and a car park that will hold up to 135 private cars, six trucks, 16 taxis and 20 coaches.

The developers of this project have applied for the land to be rezoned conservation, coastal protection and comprehensive development areas. These target areas also happen to be the last regular nesting ground of the endangered green turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Hong Kong. The extensive decline in the population for these turtles have been attributed to loss of nesting grounds. The vulnerable finless porpoise is also at risk, the importance of their yet to be confirmed habitat also rests within the target areas. As for the Romer’s tree frog, that specific area of the island is the one and only place within the world where they occur naturally.

There has already been opposition to this project by numerous individuals and the Development Opportunities Office in respect to the amount of development that will take place and ecological impact. Though developers argue that implementing this project will be in perfect harmony with both the environment and local culture.

The amount of vegetation that will need to be cleared, site formation, infrastructural construction, increased human activities and water usage will no doubt have a significant impact on the habitat for the wildlife and their habitats.

A Facebook movement has already begun in opposition of this project and the link is here: on.fb.me/ngT10e

Also public consultation and complaints for this project ends on October 14th.

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  1. Nice article. I really really hope this will not happen!


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