Mythbusted, Want to Know Who’s Actually the Worst Carbon Polluter on Earth?

Whenever arguing with somebody about who should make the most significant cut in their carbon emissions, all fingers automatically point to China. This would have been true five or so years ago but not anymore. This infograph from designer: Stanford Kay hosted by the magazine, Miller-McCune illustrates who are actually the worst polluters on Earth and who could in fact be reducing more.

Yes China continues to produce the most emissions per capita, but did anyone stop to think about the size of their population? 1.2 billion people have to produce at least something each. Besides, China is already attempting to subsidise the amount of pollution they are producing by investing heavily in renewable energy sources. Though, on the other hand surprisingly it’s mostly island nations and smaller nations that are producing the most pollution per capita. Also here’s a fun fact, the U.S. is right behind China for the amount of its total emissions.

For an enlarged .PDF version of the image click here.

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