Just a little secret that could revolutionise a few things…

Doom and gloom reigns supreme on this blog of mine and though I haven’t written for quite a while this article entails some amazing news.

It appears that it pays talking to your neighbour on a plane, you never know what you just might discover. A friend? Foe or even perhaps a private government secret? As I discovered upon a recent plane ride it was the latter. This secret was quite astounding and can have huge positive implications globally.

This secret has not been released worldwide as of yet I believe because of the sheer mass of the invention. If it fails then the country endorsed company would be embarrassed for years to come. If it succeeds then a huge environmental and business boon will have been discovered.

As stated before this is a government secret and so I will not go into the little details I have discovered. Though to be blunt on July 8th a prototype of a car that has been invented with an engine that can run on the air we breathe outside has been tested for the first time. The good news? It works and runs so far without a hitch.

Which government which funded the project cannot be mentioned, though in time it will be revealed. This project to create a car with an engine running on air was first started eight years ago and is a success. My neighbour on the plane was reluctant to reveal this project at first but being exuberant with the results of the preliminary tests;  they let me in on the secret. Due to their reluctance it’s availability, appearance are both unknown as well as how it works is unknown.

This invention could revolutionise the automobile industry as well as flight and sea industries. It also has the possibility of eradicating car pollution once released to the general public. It can single handedly eradicate use of crude oil, important in providing the cars we have now with petrol. Biofuels are good but not good enough. Most biofuels are made of corn, sugar cane, potato, trees and grasses. Obviously with the global population tipped to surpass 7 billion by the 31st of October and a famine in the North of Africa food surplus will be needed, deeming biofuels not the best solution for alternative fuel.

I understand that already there are a few cars that can run on air already so what difference does this one make? It’s more or less about the idea turned reality, as well as the fact it is a joint government project. This may help boost the sales needed for a car of this calibre.

  1. kerstoid said:

    This seems too good to be true. Any links to articles that have also picked up on these rumblings? I’ll definitely start talking to more people on planes if this pans out!

    • azhou said:

      It does, and unfortunately no. I would say more but kind of living dangerously close to that very country at the moment who also has a pretty bad human rights record and is heavily protective of all its secrets.

      The news MIGHT be released globally maybe in the next three years minimum?


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