Mobile Phones Killing Bees

image from flickr user: Andreas.

Although to begin with this may sound somewhat bizarre, it’s completely true and backed by legitimate evidence. Mobile phones are the cause of these sudden disappearances in bee population throughout Europe and North America.

In 2003-2004 bee populations suddenly began to decline leaving many to speculate about the cause. The sudden decline was attributed to such things as “colony collapse disorder” (CCD), disease, parasites and pesticides, all without evidence.

Now, through experiments conducted by Daniel Favre has the cause been revealed and attested to mobile phones. Bees communicate to each other chemically and acoustically and also can be affected by electromagnetic radiation through magneto receptors in their body.

The experiment comprised of placing mobile phones near or inside the beehives whilst still being on call-making mode. As well as a control group. What happened was that the bees reacted significantly to these phones. They sensed the signals from the phones when it rang and then emitted heavy buzzing sounds during each phone call. The buzzing acts as a warning to leave the hive, but then the frequency from the phones confuses the bees making them fly erratically. This leaves the bees lost or disorientated.

Researchers from Chandigarh’s Punjab University have also conducted a similar experiment and reached the same conclusion. In addition to what Daniel Favre found, they discovered that the bees that were in close proximity with the phones stopped producing honey. There was also a significant reduction in eggs produced by the queen bee. Furthermore there was a decline in worker bees returning to the hive after collecting pollen.

England, which is losing bees faster than any other country in Europe has set aside £10 million for research in this issue. There has also been an increase of beehive thefts in Germany where beekeepers are now forced to fit all their hives with GPS tracking devices.

Keeping in mind all of this, if you need any reminder on why we need bees or what will happen in a world without bees; I suggest you go organise a movie night with a viewing of the “Bee Movie.”



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