No Fish Left in Europe for the Year

Many scientists have warned us that, without drastic change in 50 years there will be no more fish in the sea. Europe it seems, has already passed that day. A new report has been released which can reveal to us the precise day  each year where we have eaten more fish then we can sustain globally.

Image from Flickr user: kiranparmar

From the report, Europeans are now unable to provide themselves with fish from their own fisheries. Instead, they are forced to consume imported fish.  Increase to fill the demand for seafood globally has left Europe with nothing for at least this year. The New Economists Foundation released a study this year that predicted July 2, 2011 to theoretically be the day where Europe is to run out of fish. We are well past that day, and the date fell a month earlier then was previously predicted in the year 2000.

There are no questions as to why and how this managed to happen because the signs were unmistakable. Since the 1950’s governments have been working in favour of fishing industries. They have been creating loans, subsidies and policies to help support those industries. Competition for fish to feed the global population has been escalating yearly through the usage from very finite resources. In the late 1980’s the worlds catch rate peaked at 90 million tons and has been declining ever since. The most recent statistic available to us to contrast  is from 2008. The current catch rate back then declined by 10.5 million tons from the initial 90 million resulting in a catch rate of 79.5 million tons yearly.

Boris Worm from Dalhousie University, Canada a leader in a international team researching fishing decline mentioned: “The way we use the oceans is that we hope and assume there will always be another species to exploit after we’ve completely gone through the last one.” He has also mentioned that we have already gone through a third of the worlds fishing stock and are, continuing to go through the rest.

The Cod tragedy in Canada leaves little to the imagination to visualise the complications of reckless fishing. First occurring in 1992 there has still been no recovery, leaving seas still empty of Cod. Now that Europe is empty of fish for the year they must take action to ensure that what happened in Canada does not happen to them. Larry Tremblett, a fisherman from Newfoundland, Canada has a bitter piece of advice for his counterparts in Europe. “It would be better for them to take drastic measures now, bite the bullet for a little while and then hopefully their stock will rebuild. Not like what happened to us, just letting it go until there was nothing left. As far as Newfoundland is concerned now, our fishery has gone – wiped out, and all because of greed and stupidity.”



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