Global Food Crisis Intensifies

In the world of today, it is rife with revolutions and riots currently taking place in a variety of nations. Although these revolutions and riots are sparked by political turmoil and a drive to topple an unwanted regime that is not all that has sparked it. Prices for food has risen considerably over these past few years and has not gone unnoticed. Climate change, food vs. fuel, global population and rising petrol prices are just a few reasons as to why this is happening.

Already almost half of the world lives below the poverty line and are already struggling to buy food as it is. As the prices have been rising considerably over the years it is getting harder and harder for them to survive. Not only them but now this struggle is slowly seeping into the middle class as well. The situation and fight for food has become so widespread that people are fed up and deciding to take action. This action has resulted in many revolutions and riots. The recent Egyptian revolution begun not only to overthrow Mubarak which it successfully did, but also to rally against rising food prices. This is now such a serious issue that even the G20 Summit has been approached to try and solve current food security and scarcity issues. With at least half of the current population being unable to buy food, how will we survive when the global population is set to double?

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