Say YES Australia, Cut Carbon Emissions

Tomorrow, June 5th is the day where millions of Australians will take the streets and say yes to action on climate change and yes to a carbon tax. The Opposition and Labour government have both been furiously campaigning for and against. Scare tactics have been used, celebrities have been brought into the equation (click to see the video).  

Many polls have been taken as the debate intensifies but now it’s time to disregard the statistics. The next 3 weeks will be crucial for the Greens, Independents and Government to finalise details for the proposed tax where it will then be voted on. So now it’s time to  show the opposition and actually see the people speak for themselves and stand for what they believe in.  At 11 am (1pm in Brisbane, 1.30 in Canberra) across all seven major cities in Australia it will be time to show the opposition that this is what Australia needs and what Australia wants.

Here is the official site:

Details to the event can be found here on Facebook:

Too lazy to get on Facebook? Here are the times and meeting place for your city:

Sydney: Prince Alfred Park (near Central Station), 11 am
Melbourne: Outside the State Library, 11 am
Adelaide: Victoria Square, 11 am
Brisbane: Riverstage, 1pm
Perth: Perth Cultural centre – Wetlands stage, 11am
Hobart: Franklin Square, 11am
Canberra: Regatta Point (near the bridge), 1.30pm



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