Ban Trawling in Hong Kong Waters

On May 18th, the legislative council of Hong Kong will vote on whether to ban trawling in Hong Kong waters or not. Trawling is a horrible form of fishing that involves pulling a net that is miles wide, on the ocean floor that is in between two boats aptly names ‘trawlers’.

This method of fishing literally scrapes and catches absolutely everything into the net. Trawling is indiscriminate to what gets caught in its nets. Anything that happens to be swimming by at the time will get caught in those nets and die. Marine animals caught can range from sharks, dolphins, fish, sea turtles and many more. The catch, caught also varies from legal to illegally sized fish. As stated before, it is completely indiscriminate to what gets caught.  Not only this, but the trawling significantly impacts the ecosystem of the ocean floor. This method is known to destroy coral, damage vital habitats and remove seaweed. As you can already see, if this ban is passed then it will be a tremendous win for the environment and Hong Kong.

Despite all the positive effects this ban will have, there has also been opposition to this ban from the fishing industry. Already stated above, the legislative council is planning to make a final decision on this proposal by May 18th. So every letter sent, and every show of support will be a tremendous action in attempting to sway the opinion to ban trawling. Please note, if you are planning to send the letter, be sure to send it before May 16th.

There is already a website set up that has an automatically generated letter where all you need to do is add your name and email. You can find it here:

[UPDATE] The Hong Kong government has officially banned all deep sea trawling and also mid-level trawling on October 13th 2010. Legislation will come into full affect on the 31st of December 2012.



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