Osama’s last wish, children to not become terrorists? But son’s “Growing up Bin Laden” begs to differ

On the website GOOD, they managed to pick up on an article written by Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa. The newspaper somehow got a copy of Osama Bin Laden‘s Will. Al-Anbaa refuses to say how and where it managed to get the will or clarify the reliability of its source.

The will dated December 14th, 2009 states that he wished for his children to not join al-Qaeda or go to the “front.” It also implores his children to stay away from the call of jihad.

What is interesting though is that a few days earlier TIME posted an article promoting a new book by Osama’s son, Omar Bin Laden on his life growing up with Osama. Omar Bin Laden soon left Afghanistan for the U.S. with permission from Osama, after he finally voiced his opinion that he had no intention of joining in on the 9/11 attacks.

TIME writes:

” [He was an] absolute authoritarian who wanted as many wives and children as possible in order to have foot soldiers for Islamic jihad. “My sons, your limbs must react to my thinking as though my brain was in your head,” he told his children when they complained about their life in al-Qaeda camps.”

So who do we believe?


Growing Up bin Laden: Osama’s Son Speaks                             Osama’s Last Wish? 

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  1. lady said:

    i think his sons are crazy, they lie about having paranormal powers and they are all fucked up, taking drugs, excess drinking cheating on their spouses or girlfriends, kids all over the place, they are bullshitters, aggressive, steal and lie, as have killed and i wish they would be arrested.


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