Monsanto now policing itself?

Monsanto, a company that makes environmentalists and organic farmers blood boil has even more reason to now. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has launched a new two year experiment which will allow Monsanto to police itself. If the experiment receives positive feedback, then not only Monsanto but many other biotech companies will be allowed to police themselves.

The USDA is used to monitor and assess the impacts of genetically modified organisms but in the new move it appears that they have relaxed their responsibility to do so. Giving companies like Monsanto free reign in policing themselves, allows them to conduct their own environmental assessment of genetically modified crops and outsource work to contractors. The USDA will have the final word in deeming whether these crops are safe for consumption or not.

It is common knowlege to many that Monsanto blindly works for a profit. Money is the number one thing that they desire and giving them the rights to police themselves, even if it is a trial period is completely wrong and an ill chosen idea. Companies like Monsanto can easily tamper their assessments and data to provide positive feedback saying their product is completely safe.

Monsanto’s products have always been riddled with controversy. They have groups like Greenpeace regularly confronting them over the true safety of growing and consuming their products. In March, Greenpeace released a detailed report making it official that it is NOT safe to consume GM corn. The corn, a product of Monsanto was discovered to inflict damage to your kidney and liver function as well as damage to your heart if consumed.

Also a recent study revealed that consumption of GM feed caused animals to miscarry. The miscarriages and consumption of GM feed have been directly linked to one another.

What I would like to know is, who in the USDA are coming up with these decisions and executing them? If only they would come to their senses and realise what they are doing to  the planet and peoples health. Also another question is that this piece of news is highly alarming so how is it that it has had minimal media coverage? We can only address a problem with enough power when information is given out to the general population.

For more information in the GM corn and feed click here.

  1. HighSchoolBasketballNerd said:

    It’s about time Monsanto starts doing something about all the controversy being shot at them. It makes no sense that the FDA is letting Monsanto pump out all these crops that are harmful to people, but hey, as long as it’s cheap, the government will gladly turn the other way when it comes to these guys. It really sickens me


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