Rainforest destruction ramifications for starving orang-utans

As rainforest destruction continues at an alarming rate, orang-utans or “man of the forest” as their name means are forced to go into villages in search of food. Once entering a village they face capture and severe abuse.


There has been one such case of abuse from a village in Sungai Pinyuh, Indonesia. A mother and baby were captured and beaten then put into a cage tied up withropes. The cage also had no food and water. This treatment of the orang-utans is absolutely atrocious. These creatures whose home is being destroyed have no other choice but to enter these villages in search of food.

If it was a human being starving with a baby clinging to her people would rush to her aid. Treatment of any creature like this is absolutely despicable.

In Indonesia, rainforest’s cover 60% of the land but are quickly disappearing. Legal and illegal loggers are stripping the forests bare for wood and clearing the land to make way for palm oil plantations and farm land.

Farmers are ruthlessly killing adult orang-utans to prevent them from eating their crops leaving many baby orang-utans to be orphaned in the forest to die.

There has been a new scheme developed by the United Nations unveiled in Cacùn at COP13 last year called Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD). This scheme developed aimed at rewarding poorer nations for preserving their forests, has the ability to prevent further destruction to forests. One huge loophole in this scheme is that they do not distinguish what a forest is. Under this scheme palm oil plantations could also be classified as a ‘forest.’ Therefore if this scheme is not completely thought out it could be detrimental to forest preservation.

For further reading on REDD click here.

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