New, live fish and turtle keychains available in China

Growing in popularity with the general population of China, you are now able to buy live fish and turtles on a keychain. These animals are sealed in an airtight plastic container, half filled with water. The vendors selling these fish and turtles reassure buyers that the water is full of ‘nutrients’ and that it is enough to sustain the animals for more then a month or two.

How is it possible for the water to sustain the animals for a month or two? It isn’t. The fish and turtles, if they’re lucky will live for a day or two then die, the unlucky ones will most likely die in a few hours.

China has virtually nonexistent animal rights laws and so shockingly enough this act of cruelty is legal. Despite it’s growing popularity, there are also people in China who feel that this is a horrid act of cruelty. Some people are buying these keychains only to let them roam free in the wild.

Understandably people are doing that as an act of kindness to the animals, but as they continue to do so it encourages the vendors to sell more and more fish and turtles as keychains.  It will be a never ending cycle of cruelty, unless China puts new animal cruelty laws in motion.


  1. recessesofmymind said:

    OH THOSE POOR ANIMALS! What are those vendors thinking!?

    • azhou10 said:

      That’s the thing, they’re not.

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  3. Carrie said:

    They are thinking that they can make a buck. sad!

  4. Shabaka said:

    Sick Freaks


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