GE Corn Unsafe for Consumption

It’s official, Genetically Engineered corn from Monsanto is NOT safe. A recent publication by Greenpeace that was released just two days ago (March 1st 2011) has sought to debunk the GE myths created by such companies like Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta.

To sum up the report, GE corn is NOT safe to consume. Companies like Monsanto who are highly reluctant to disclose details associated with the safety of their ‘products’, were ordered by a German court in a case initiated by Greenpeace to disclose their studies. The studies made public were that of rats being fed GE Bt Corn (MON863) and the effects.

The reassessment of Monsanto’s studies, were conducted by a team of experts with the head being Professor Gilles Eric Séralini of the University of Caen. He is also a governmental expert in genetic engineering technology.

What they found was startlingly shocking. In the report Monsanto also had failed to disclose negative side effects, to the consumption of this new corn. The effects were that it causes damage in kidney and liver function as well as varying degrees of damage to the heart, spleen and adrenal glands.

MON863 was already previously been approved in more than 10 countries without apt studies undertaken on the safety of such a crop. Those 10 countries include the EU, Japan, Canada and the Philippines.

Another issue with this crop is that, it produces and releases a toxin that is harmful to beneficial insects who kill pests. The Bt toxin can also accumulate within the soil. With this knowledge it is clear that Bt corn is not safe for plantation in the environment. It causes more harm then good.

A highly frequent ‘fact’ pushed by GE companies that relentlessly appears when attacked on the benefits of GE crops. Is that GE crops reduce hunger and provide economic benefits.  This is completely wrong. Due to the riskiness and rejection worldwide by consumers who do not want GE food, many traders and farmers who chose to grow GE crops have since lost exports to certain key destinations.  The decline of demand for such crops have heavily affected the rural and poor in developing countries who were given these ‘magic’ seeds. The yields for GE crops is also no different to the yields of non-GE crops. Whats more is that, farmers are not allowed to keep GE seeds for the next season. Due to the fact this is seen as an ‘infringement of agrochemical companies patents’. Farmers will then have to take another loan year after year to continue to use GE seeds to plant. Thomas Datingulnoo, a farmer from the Philippines has said that,

“When I first planted GE maize (corn), the yield was good, but there were so many expenses that I did not earn anything. I was very disappointed with Monsanto’s seeds and I will never plant them again. I now only plant local varieties of maize for which a much lower capital investment is required.”

The other fact that is shoved in our faces, as a benefit of GE crops is that they can reduce hunger. This ‘fact’ is wrong again. Hunger is not the problem of lack of availability of food but of prices and lack of distribution as well as access to land and water. The people who have difficulty acquiring food is that they lack the money to be able to buy or even grow their own food. GE crops would then instead of reducing hunger, increase it. People can only afford so much and planting GE crops require high investments for expensive seeds and pesticides.

Other GE companies and Monsanto are in it for themselves, always. What we need is farmers to not fall prey to them to protect their own livelihood as well as our food safety. Recently a website named has highlighted a fact of Monsanto. They will not be held liable for “any and all losses, injury or damages resulting from the use or handling of seed (including claims based in contract, negligence, product liability, strict liability, tort, or otherwise)…in no event shall Monsanto or any seller be liable for any incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages.”

This liability is now deferred to those who plant the crops themselves. Also in another recent study, consumption of GE feed causes animal miscarriages. So if the farmer who was assured that buying Genetically Engineered feed was safe for his animals to consume and then you find that their miscarriages are directly linked to the GE feed. The farmer can not sue Monsanto.

Monsanto is turning into a more twisted and dastardly company everyday. When will people in governments realise this and stop giving Monsanto free reign in how to act? When will they finally put an end to this greedily dangerous company?

To read the report and other debunked myths by Greenpeace go to: GM Myths Debunked PDF

Recently a GE Food  Guide was released in Australia specially targeted for children, to download the .PDF file click here



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