The Rainbow Warrior II

For those of you who don’t know what the Rainbow Warrior is, it has been a constant companion in most of Greenpeace’s endeavours. Together the Rainbow Warrior and Green peace have managed to end nuclear testing in the Pacific and intercepted ships transporting illegally logged timber as well as more.

The Rainbow Warrior is now on her final voyage and if you, like me are currently based in Hong Kong then you can board and tour the ship for free. The ship will be docked in Hong Kong from now until February 27th. It will also be open to the public on February 12, 13, 19 and 20.


Time: Noon-4.30pm (last admission 3.30pm)

Venue: Ferry Pier 2, Central


  1. Mike Kersten said:

    Perhaps we should organize a little Humanities I in Action reunion from last year to go have lunch in Central and take the tour this weekend? What do you think?

    • azhou10 said:

      That’d be awesome but on such short notice?

  2. Mike Kersten said:

    OK, maybe not, but keep it in mind for any potential future events!


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