The Globe is Warming But Then It’s Freezing?

In the news lately you have probably heard that in Europe there have been severe snow storms everywhere leaving Heathrow airport at a complete standstill. It began snowing in Australia in Victoria and NSW on the mountains when the season was supposed to be Summer. In the U.S. there have been blizzards and extreme snow fall all over the place.

So the question is that we were told the world is warming but then why is it snowing and freezing  in most other countries?

Global warming is a naturally occurring event that the Earth undergoes frequently over a long period of time. For the global warming we are experiencing now,  has been hastened due to human actions bringing forth climate change.

A  sign of global warming is extreme irregular weather events which can be anything ranging from freezing to extreme heat, we have already experienced many throughout this year alone and this winter has been no excuse.

So to answer the question why is the world freezing instead of warming is a simple answer. When the overall climate warms, the air is also warmer and warm air holds more moisture than colder air.

In other parts of the world the air has warmed because of climate change. As that air travels across the oceans it collects more moisture than normal and when it hits the US and Europe where the air is cold it results in much heavier snowfall.

The unusual weather patterns like extreme snowfall and rain clearly indicates global warming.

As the climate continues to warm from climate change it will result in warmer air in the US particularly as well as most other countries. As the climate continues to change the severe snowfall will most likely change into severe rain fall.

Climate change and global warming are frequent terms that pop up usually together in a variety of things to better differentiate them both go to this site:

For further reading:

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  1. Mike Kersten said:

    What last year’s harsh winter prompted global warming doubters to ask the same question, Thomas Friedman wrote this excellent op-ed for the New York Times:

    We would all do well to pay attention to the website he suggests following:


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