Sudanese Army attack on Darfur Village

For the second consecutive day the Sudanese army has attacked a village in Darfur. The attacks have left one person dead and 250 civilians fleeing from their homes. The army carried out a ground assault using machine guns and small firearms on a village called Khor Abeche, 80 kilometres outside of South Darfur‘s capital Nyala on Saturday.

The attack came a day after government  forces clashed with rebels of the Sudanese Liberation Army in the same village. Several houses were left to burn and at least 16 wounded within the two days of violence. The wounded arebeing treated at a UNAMID camp clinic and the 250 villagers fled to the  same UNAMID camp.

The government and leaders of the Sudanese Liberation Army had signed a peace agreement in 2006.

Though earlier this month the violence was a result of the government accusing Minnawi (leader of the Sudanese Liberation Army) of breaching the peace agreement by sending some fighters to join rebel groups in Darfur. The government allegation is considered to be ‘a declaration of war.’

The war has been waging on since 2003 when ethnic African rebels accused the Arab dominated government of negligence and  discrimination which resulted in the African rebels taking up arms. The government has been accused of arming local nomadic Arab tribes and Arab militants to be unleashed on civilian populations.

An estimate provided by the UN has announced 300,000 people dead and 2.7 million displaced. Fighting has since subsided but there is a high rate of the kidnapping of foreign aid workers.



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