ANZ Polluting Your World

ANZ has recently been named as Australia’s dirtiest bank. They have promised to become carbon neutral by 2009 but over the past five years they have spent an estimate AUD$1.6 billion in coal mines, coal ports and coal plants. With all that money that they could have been investing in renewable energy they have instead decided to expand Australia’s coal industry.

Just because ANZ is named as Australia’s dirtiest bank there are other dirty banks in Australia. ANZ, Commonwealth, National, Westpac bank combined have spent about AUD$5 billion on Australia’s coal industry.

The reason why ANZ is named the dirtiest bank in Australia is because they have funded coal plants in nearly all states in Australia as well as blatantly told the public that they will be more sustainable and markets itself as one of the greenest banks in Australia today.

We need ANZ as well as the other banks to start taking corporate responsibility as well as teach them that once you make a promise you must fulfil it instead of misleading the public and jumping onto the ‘green bandwagon’. When you state that you are now sustainable and green we expect you to be and not lie directly to our faces just to promote your company more.

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