The power of pop culture

Pop culture has almost always ruled our lives, the way we think, the way we act, the stuff we like, what we support and what we should wear. Every year there are hundreds of new trends that spread to the far corners of the globe and change our way of thinking and acting. Pop culture is most influential with teenagers and young adults.

Pop culture is extremely powerful and can have many advantages to how we can use it for the better. Once a product is sold to pop culture everyone has it. It basically sells itself. So what I’m trying to get to is that we have a multitude of environmental issues that need more advertising and awareness to the public. What we would all love is change and action at talks like COP16 and any other UN summits be it humanitarian or environmental. Our only problem is that apparently there isn’t enough public pressure for governments to act on their empty promises.

They take advantage of our trust in them and our interest in more and better climate policies, to put themselves in the top jobs. So this is where pop culture comes in all we need are people to just endorse environmentally friendly acts or products or even ideas and slowly the community where the idea was first planted will spread.

People are social creatures so they will want what everyone has to ‘fit in’ this is a marketing gimmick that advertisers use against us for their personal advantage of accumulating more and more money for their private use. There are people out there who are willing to act and who are already acting but if we can get some celebrities or just a majority of a community to catch on, awareness will be raised and we can actually achieve more goals and force our governments to act on their promises.





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