Direct impact

What many of us don’t know is that most of the actions we do everyday can indadvertedly affect someone or something half way across the world or if you’re based in Hong Kong, across the border. Everything we wear, all the things we use and what we buy is affecting something or the livelihood of a someone right now.

For example the pants I’m wearing right now were made in China. Sadly they’re not environmentally friendly too, they were most likely dyed with noxious chemicals and damaging the health of the workers who made it. The left over dye was most likely dumped into a nearby river or body of water poisoning it leaving the community that lives by it with no safe water to drink. The animals that live nearby? Most likely all gone or in very poor health.

I know that’s a lot to assume just from a pair of track pants but it’s not hard to comprehend from the state of things in factories around the world today. They are run well but the choice of chemical and dyes used are horrible when there are obviously much better options out there that are eco-friendly and a lot better to use.

My example doesn’t just apply to pants but all other types of clothing, toys, plastic bags, books, stationary, kitchen utensils, games and gaming consoles, hair ties, lights and hundreds of more products. The amount of stuff out there is amazing and how they are being produced are just horrible. The people are also being forced to work in horrible conditions as well as payed very low wages.

This all doesn’t apply to just material products but also food. The cocoa, palm oil, corn, wheat etc. Used in your food aren not entirely guilt-free. There are quite a few chocolate companies like Néstle who used to use palm oil from Indonesia. This oil was attained by illegal means where they cleared land that was a natural habitat for orang-utans and killed any that happened to find there way into the plantation. Thank god thanks to a Greenpeace campaign last year Néstle has ceased to use anymore palm oil from those companies but there are still many more who are still using this type of palm oil.

It’s hard to find product out there don’t are fair trade, environmentally friendly etc. But they are definitely out there. You just have to search a little, you could google, you could shop online at places like and many more. It’s not that hard if you make an effort.

Besides Christmas is coming up soon so give something unique that won’t be ruining someone else’s Christmas or be responsible for the death of an endangered animal.



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