Wikileaks/COP16 fight for the media

As many people may now know there was a huge bombshell in the form of a site called WikiLeaks. The site contains more than 250,000 leaked confidential and private diplomatic cables and documents as well as information that has been shared between many governments but mainly the U.S. This bombshell exploded prior to the beginning of the COP16 meetings and has taken away some, well most of its thunder.  Both are extremely important things that should be kept eye on and it is tough to say who deserves more attention.

As COP16 is only a few weeks long we need more focus and pressure from media to be on Cacún but seeing as today Assange has been arrested in London we are at another cross road. In media other than the site,other environmental NGO‘s and the general blogosphere you would hardly have noticed anything going on at all in Mexico.

But perhaps this lack of attention might do some good for the climate talks going on in Cancún, maybe with less attention and focus on trying to prove to their own countries that they have the country’s best interests at heart they will instead focus on the task at hand. Yes with less pressure they may sell us short with their final ‘accord’ or ‘deal’ or ‘protocol’ or whatever they choose it to be but last year’s COP15 was a complete disaster. The full attention of the media was focused on their every move so I suppose that is why all the leaders especially those of developed nations were so slow at deciding on anything but were quick to make behind the door deals.

Assange who leaked documents of private conversations that governments have been having may have ruptured a vital trust relationship between all countries. Despite what each government is apologising for and stating that their relationship has not been harmed or will not be harmed is a bit of a stretch. This may lead to complications at COP16 and/or provide all with a better understanding with what the other is thinking.

Hopefully there will most certainly not be a repeat of the failed talks at COP15 and hopefully WikiLeaks has not done too much damage for all climate negotiations and talks to be completely void. To view the Wikileaks site the domain name has changed from “.org” to “.ch”.



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