Chaotic climate talks, chaotic China

So here I am sitting at my Aunt’s place in Shenzhen, China writing my blog post for Sunday instead of Saturday because of ‘the Great Firewall of China’s’ doing. As I arrived in Shenzhen I couldn’t help but wonder how similar the streets of chaotic China could be contrasted to the state of climate talks.

In China whether you are in a car or walking on the streets one thing you’ve got to know is that everyone is in it for themselves. This is apparent from all the honking from the cars as well as sudden stops on the road and congested traffic. Tempers are running high as everyone is being so selfish causing that they are causing the chaotic mess themselves though they may not realise it.

This is just like at all climate talks that take place. All the delegates are in it for their own country trying to get the best deal for themselves. Tempers then run high out of frustration from the inaction that everyone is contributing to a event that will impact all. They then cause the chaos unknowingly by themselves due to their inaction and everyone leaves the talks with a headache and crestfallen heart.

But despite all this though the streets of China may be chaotic and frustrating it also works. I don’t know how but it just does. The traffic maybe congested but it still flows albeit not very smoothly. This is key climate talks can be a success if only the people there will listen to the greater audience and put aside their selfishness for the greater good. It doesn’t have to run amazingly smooth or smooth at all! It’s allowed to have some bumps and honking from the cars horn. So fingers crossed that there will be a agreement soon. For the sake of the environment and us and also because if not then my analogy will also be void.



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