Is there a point to saving the environment?

Well as you can tell from my blog my answer to this question would be YES. No exaggeration at all, but as more and more people are jumping onto the climate change bandwagon and as more and more people are jumping onto the climate change skeptic wagon we’re at a crossroad.

Saving the environment does not have to have anything to do with climate change it can be for the pure fact of saving the environment. Since the age of industrialisation began so did the harming of the environment at a mass scale. Today we need to save the environment more then ever not because of climate change but because of what we are doing to this planet and out materialistic fetishes.

The clothes you are most likely to be wearing right now I bet you, are made in China, what do jeans and China have to do with anything? The jeans you are wearing can have traces of mercury, lead and cadmium in the dye which is hazardous to health. The factories that are making your jeans in China are releasing those chemicals into the rivers and lakes. Because of this factory discharge in the lakes and rivers the water there are now unsafe to drink, bathe in or play around in hurting the communities living nearby. Cadmium exposure at worst can lead to lung disease, kidney disease and other forms of cancer. So if you’re a fish in that lake you have no chance and what about the workers at the factory? What about them? We all know China’s environmental laws are useless and hardly enforced at all so in this and all cases saving the environment means saving humanity. (Please note that there are alternative ways to dye clothing without the hazardous chemicals but for some reason if it is to save money or what I don’t know companies are choosing to ignore this and use those chemicals.)

So to people who associate saving the environment to climate change, not everything is about climate change. Most of it is actually about trying to keep us, humanity alive and safe. Because a safe environment means safety for all and if we inadvertently continue to let this deliberate harming continue where will we live then?\

If you would like to know more about the jeans situation in China you can read more here:

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  1. christina said:

    I found this site last night and I think you should check it out:


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