2010 the new 1960

The year 2010 and even the years before that beginning from the year 2000 is the new 1960 minus the love fest and marijuana. 1960 was the time where people rallied up to advocate the causes of ‘make peace not war’ and ‘take care of mother nature’. Since the year 2000 these themes are reoccurring again, especially with love and take care of mother nature but in the new shape and form of ‘fight climate change’.

The youth of the world, experts and average person have all heeded the call for change as we should but it has never been seen at such a global level. All over the world there are hundreds of organisations working towards one goal to save the planet. Their greatest ammunition right now are the youth.

As youth we have the power to change we’re the future of the world and if don’t fight for it now there won’t be habitable land, resources, water, GM free food for us in the future. We’re the voice for the next generation and the voice all the politicians must hear. They may be in high seats holding power but what they need to think of is not of their generation but of us and the consequences we will be seeing from their stupid decisions.

COP16 has finally begun yesterday with delegates flying in from all over the world. We can’t really afford to wait anymore because if the theory of the ten year window is true then that window is shrinking at an alarming rate. The NASA expert that first told the world of this window stated it in the year 2006. This year it’s 2010 we have six years left even though we do have six years left we are starting to feel the effects of our actions and it’s not pretty.

So because COP16 has already begun I urge you to not sit back and shake your head at what is happening wishing for an alternative path because a few old men and women squabbling over trivial and tedious details can’t agree. I urge you to stand up and put pressure on them, write or call your countries leaders, ministers, your government whatever. They need to feel the heat or the cold, they need to feel what people on this Earth are feeling now due to a few stupid actions that no one decided to stop.



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