The BP oil spill, and the one in China and the rest of them we didn’t hear about

I know I’m a bit late to pick on the oil spills but you can never be late picking on something destroying the environment. So far this year there has been a total of 14 oil spills but only two of them have had international media coverage and one of them had very limited coverage. What I don’t understand is how did 12 oil spills not receive international coverage? The effect of oil spills are detrimental to the ecosystem and  the ecosystem will only begin to recuperate at least in a hundred years or so but often longer.

Ten years ago there was an oil spill in Guanabara Bay, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  1.3 million litres of oil spilled out on to nearby mangroves and beaches. This oil spill is not even as bad as what happened in the Gulf of Mexico but either way you can still see the effects to this day and they are very distinguishable. Ever since the spill nothing has grown back the land is completely barren and literally dead. The fish have all died and some are now extinct. The worst thing is at that time in the year 2000 the experts on the oil spill said it would take ten years for Guanabara Bay to recuperate.

Something ridiculous is that the people working in the American government actually had a nerve to say that this oil spill is ‘fixable’ that is bloody ridiculous they even have the oil spill in Guanabara Bay to learn from but they haven’t! When the oil spill occurred it killed everything, there are pictures to prove it and there is nothing growing there anymore in the sea or land. The ecosystem there is completely dead. How in the world can they think that they can save it if the people at Guanabara Bay have already tried? This is out of human hands now and into nature’s. The system needs to at least try and help itself rebuild after the meddling we did.

Since the year 1910 there have been a total of 124 oil spills and counting. When will people learn that as this continues the environment will be feeling the consequences and then the locals who live in that area lose their livelihood entirely the place turns into a ghost town because everything is literally dead.

My point is that it is definitely time to move onto renewable energy, out of the 14 oil spills this year 2 were only covered by the media I think it is time that all were covered and all the effects are shown to the public. The environment is for everyone to live in and not meddle with but with the occasional oil spill from BP or other crude oil companies that’s an awfully hard thing to do.


The other oil spills that occurred this year were:

Mumbai Oil Spill August 7 -August 9

Barataria Bay oil spill (US) July 27- August 1

Talmadge Creek Oil Spill (US)  July 26

Xingang (China) July 16-July 21

Jebel Al-Zayt (Egypt) June 16-June 23

Red Butte Creek(US) June 11-June 12

Trans-Alaska pipeline May 25

MT Bunga Kelana 3 (Singapore) May 25

2010 Exxon Mobil(Nigeria) May 1st

Deepwater Horizon(US) April 20-July 15

Great Barrier Reef (Australia) April 3rd

Port Arthur(US) January 23rd

Yellow River spill(China)  Jan 5th

  1. christina said:

    “bloody ridiculous” That made me laugh. 14 in one year? Wow more than half of these I’ve never heard of before and that really scares me. These oil companies are so irresponsible, it’s frustrating.


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