As I’ve said before and as most people know by now COP16 is coming up but what I can’t help wondering as these kind of events appear on the calendar  is that where the event is being held is quite contradicting. The UN holds these conferences for the sole reason of trying to save the Earth from climate change or at least attempt to minimise the effect of it. Where they hold it though are in concrete, man-made buildings that have little connection with the environment.

How can you have a deep passion for saving something you’re not connected to? If perhaps and I realise where the security concerns arise here but how about hold a COP whatever number conference out in the environment for once? Delegates can then really feel and experience what they are trying to save as well as realise what is the cost of their decisions.

In a room with a hundred or so other people boxed in by concrete, plastic and wooden tables everything is just another statistic on a piece of paper. Stories mean little and despite how moving they may be it’s just another story that a UN delegate may hear.

This is the same story with learning about things. You need to be out there in the open experiencing it to get the full gist of things. It’s no different for climate change conferences. What they need to understand is that their lack of decision or decisions in general will be affecting real people and real live living organisms.

Also another thing why is it so hard to commit to something to save the world? I mean don’t the people making the decisions live on the same planet? Don’t they have kids too? I can see that out of the deal they want the best for their own country but in the end they need to see the bigger picture.

  1. christina said:

    I swear, we need more people like you in the world. I love your blog!

    • azhou10 said:

      Maybe not exactly like me but thankyou anyway (:


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