Forget War of the Worlds what about the war for water?

As everyone may know the world is going out of whack. Climate change is messing around with everything. This time ten years ago the weather pattern was different, there were fewer droughts and flooding as well as fewer natural disasters, this year alone we’ve had three in a week flooding in the Philippines, volcanic eruptions and tsunami in Indonesia. The Earth is definitely changing and those who say it isn’t have got to be completely blind.

Something that is an extremely pressing issue is having clean water to drink for 6.7 billion people. With the current natural disaster rate as well as poisoning of water from factories around the world and with only 1% fresh water in the whole entire world that leaves a very tiny amount for 6.7 billion people and counting.

I think in the future clean drinkable water will be very scarce and there will be wars over a single drop of water. Africa and South Asia will be exceptionally vulnerable to a drought and in turn war. Well we will still have water like sea water etc. but we only have 1% of fresh water that is ok to drink.

This is a daunting idea and the only thing now to think about is how much longer will we just barely have enough water to drink?



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