To be rich or not to be? That is the question

As a teenager your parents bombard you with questions as well as lectures that go along the lines of “what are you going to do with your life?! Get a good job where you will earn lots of money!” This is a popular line especially with Asian parents. One thing I don’t think most parents understand is that is being rich the way to go? You and I would jump at the chance if someone offered us a million dollars or so but being rich you learn nothing.

The most innovative and inventive people have always usually come from the poorest of backgrounds. These people have also been the most creative using recycled materials as well as been frugal. If you’re rich yes you learn some things but then what else do you do? Do you learn about the scarcity of materials? How to save things? How to live a good life?

Just about nearly all the richest people in world have not done a thing to give back to the world. They have reached the status they have reached today because of greed and selfishness as well as exploitation of people and the environment.

People go into the world of the rich saying they want to change it or they won’t turn into the other rich people but you usually get sucked in or you say “I’ll do it later” or “I know but I’m planning this for later on” or even “I don’t have enough time anymore”. These are feeble and stupid excuses.

Greek tragedies and life lessons have always been learnt through a life of suffering this was a rule that the ancient Greeks have learnt and lived by. We don’t necessarily have to live completely poor but you don’t have to be outrageously rich either. Only a few  rich people have decided to give back an example is definitely Bill Gates or Richard Branson. The difference with them is that they set out to be rich so that they could help people.

What I am sick and tired of is people complaining they want to be rich. Why can’t you be happy with what you have already?! This is where materialism slips in, the dream of being fabulously rich fuels the desire to have more those two go hand in hand. People who think like this aren’t happy with what they, how they are living and what they already have. These people are poised to lose everything or be stuck in a dream they can’t escape leaving them blind to the bigger picture.

This type of thinking leaves a giant gaping hole for advertisers and money makers to slip in and try and make you buy something. Because you dream of being rich you will in turn want to straight away go out and buy ‘rich looking’  things or things you see celebrities with. Be it louis vuitton handbags or useless overpriced clothes that are made out of most likely genetically modified cotton and assembled in a developing country with most likely atrocious working conditions.

So for me being rich I don’t want it but I’d rather just live comfortably but not be outrageously rich. I’d like to be able to see things from where everyone else sees it in the world so I can better understand people as well as help them. I can see the urgency needed for certain things and what the community really needs. Unless you’re literally the next Bill Gates or Richard Branson then by all means go and be rich and help the world but it’s not for me. I’ve learnt from Greek tragedies and I’d like to be just well off.


  1. christina said:

    This would probably come off as really random, but what you said about people never being satisfied with what they have reminds me of the awesome song ‘Blame It on the Girls’ by Mika.
    (and as you can probably guess, I love Mika)

    • azhou10 said:

      hahahah it’s ok I love Mika too! And yeah when I wrote that line the song was kind of running through my head (:


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