The Millennium Goals Kit (The MDG Kit) Target Area

Ok so I’ve decided a general area in which I would like to give aid to and that area would have to be Asia because right now I’m based in Asia so it would be easier and cost efficient to try and localise the aid. A dead-end would be that though Hong Kong has quite a few people living below the poverty line, they can still get access to basic necessities therefore they are ruled out.

Right now I’ve got my eye on Cambodia and Pakistan specifically but also a few others. Cambodia still needs a lot of aid but I’m not sure about the the state of living in Cambodia for those under the poverty line as well as what aid they need specifically…I know that they have had a lot of aid donations from various other countries but I do know that there are still people who need aid, if you’re reading my blog post and know of anyone in Cambodia that could help out on this little fix please give me their contact details.

As for Pakistan what most people don’t know is that their donations to the Pakistan flood relief has had a huge chance of being pocketed by quite a few selfish persons. So due to this there is a lack of help being directed to Pakistan even though they still need a lot of help. The most effective aid at this point is direct aid for example instead of donating money that can be easily laundered it is wiser to give aid through donating things they need specifically such as first-aid kits, basic antibiotics, water purifiers etc.

So those are the two areas I’ve set my heart on or if anything else pops up  in between I may divert my attention to there for the time being. I’m trying this project out on a small scale first of all to see its actual effects positive/negative or basic helpfulness. I’m also going to change the contents of the kit to be more area specific and make it a perfect fit for the needs of the people there.

If you know of another country or specific region in Asia please let me know because I would love to try and help out somewhere that has been obscured from view due to sudden natural disasters even though yes they need our just as much.

I’m planning of maybe hooking up to an organisation that is based in the area and would know which region would need the kits specifically as well as being able to actually hand them out and send them over. If I can’t then I will try setting up a fundraiser to raise money to send the kits over as well as fill the kits up with the supplies. I know that right now I am sort of writing this in present tense as if it’s happening right now but bear in mind this is still on the drawing table and I’m planning this out step by step so as to not leave a chance for error.

Any help is gladly appreciated but please remember I’m based in Hong Kong.



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