Why? How?

The life of a teenager is pretty bleak filled with whining, piles of homework and frustrated parents over a D who frankly just don’t understand the bigger picture.

Sitting here working on my quadratics project for maths is a very trivial thing to do when so much is happening and there are so many more things worthwhile I could be spending my time on right now.

COP16 is coming up soon, I have a personal  project-The Millennium Kit that I would like to work on. I could be helping someone right now and making their life better or even helping some animal in Borneo. Except what am I doing? Sitting at my desk in my room trying make an ‘A’ grade quadratics project.

And how did this happen? Why has it happened? So far I can only think of a reason for each. How it happened I guess is because well the institution called school and I do want a better job right? So I can get a degree and really make a splash in this world but is this really the way to go? I’m a hands on person who would love to be the one there personally helping someone. Is getting a degree worth it when you can be doing something worthwhile right now?

Why has this happened? Well because it’s due on Tuesday next week and I can’t afford to fail maths with the grade I already have…It’s hard to focus on trivial things like this when thoughts of: the temperature of the planet will go up by 2˚C which will lead to rising sea levels and flooding of most of the land in the world, Hong Kong’s temperature will rise to 50˚C in the near future, the Amazon forest is decreasing faster with ancient Amazonian tribes being annihilated because we want a nice beautiful wood for a stupid table. Things like this swim around in my head as I work on my little project which won’t help in anyway.

Not everyone needs to be a straight A student and finish high school. William Kamkwamba was a high school drop-out who made a windmill out of recycled materials to give his family electricity. He did this with a year 10 physics book and diagrams why can’t they teach innovation at school? This should be far more important then quadratics (I do understand that quadratics is important to some because you might want to use mathematics to save the world, kudos to you).

Don’t you feel like just screaming sometimes because you’re stuck in a world that you don’t want to be apart of yet you are and there is no escape?

I feel like that everyday when I’m at school and people like me stress out about things that don’t truly matter. I will savour the day I graduate which is when I can truly spend all my time on my passion which is activism.

I wish my parents would actually not focus on one bad grade and go you need to make lots of money when you graduate from school! Well you know what? Money is materialistic and having lot of money isn’t going to make me truly happy if all I want to do is be an activist and save the environment.



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