The human mind set-“Should I be responsible?”

One problem with being an activist is that there will always, always be someone there to bring you down or want you to just scream and pull your hair out. Unfortunately for me that’s what my best friend makes me feel every time he opens his mouth when we’re arguing about economics verses the environment.

This isn’t isolated to just friends and your average joe, CEO’s and heads of corporations face this problem every day and night but sadly most of them choose the latter, economics. As we all know this decision has had drastic impacts for the Earth to the point where it’s reached its limit of handling abuse.

All these heads of companies, CEO’s etc. all believe that they don’t need to take responsibility for their actions because well they think someone else is already taking action so they don’t need to.

What I noticed was a trend, not just with companies but with everyone. There is a failure to act because they believe that out of the 6.7 billion people on Earth there is enough to make change without them needing to help. They think that “oh, I love this chocolate though, I don’t care if they’re killing orang-utans to make it because I love eating this chocolate and if someone is already doing something about it then I don’t need to” (this was actually something my friend had the nerve to say.) I absolutely hate people who think like this. Just because other people are doing it and that there is 6.7 billion people on Earth not everyone will be acting on an issue like this.

Some won’t even have access to computers or a petition to put their  signature on nor even be able to voice their opinion on the matter let alone help. It’s stupid people like this who I just want to give a smack on the head and make them open their eyes to what this type of thinking leads to.

Unfortunately this mindset is drilled into brains of major corporations who don’t take responsibility for whatever they do.  We as humans all living on the same planet should take action together and not think stupidly like this because one action can have detrimental affects on somewhere half way around the world, I’ll write another post illustrating this tomorrow.

What I’m trying to get at is can we make the mind set of these people turn around and face the music? Is it actually possible?


  1. christina said:

    i agree completely with what you’re saying about the big money corporates and their greedy antics! i used to think that i didnt have to do anything because there were people out there taking care of the problems the world is facing, but as i see more and learn more, I realize it really is up to us to make a change.
    i have to admit sometimes I feel lazy and i don’t want to do anything, i need to find what i’m really passionate about to give me the motivation i need to get started.

    ps- your friend sounds like he needs some ice water in the face

  2. azhou10 said:

    haha thankyou!!
    glad to see someone agrees with me and yeah i feel the same way but now i’m trying to make a real push at change because well i don’t know i just want to and well we are all human and humans do get lazy sometimes, let me know what your passion is when you find out!

  3. Gusti said:

    Book-marked, I love your blog! :)


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