Shout from the rooftops

This little advocate idea was thanks to the rambling of my “Be the change you want to see in the world” post. Something outrageous and eye-catching not to mention maybe earsplitting…would be if thousands of teenagers and kids came together and shouted at the top of their lungs that we want change.

Teenagers and kids are the usually the group where their voices are completely ignored or get payed very little attention. This idea can be global and can be on a small scale but will be most effective with a collective body.

So my idea is that we get groups of kids and teens up on the roofs of multiple buildings each group can be advocating a specific issue but to start off, everyone simultaneously says with megaphones or just screaming at the top of their lungs that ‘we want change’ five times.

After that each group can roll down a banner advocating their specific issue on the building tops. Then each group will get a chance to have a slogan that captures their issue and urge for action and shout that at the top of their lungs so passersby on the street can choose which issue that they want to help with more. This will also provide maximum advertising for free as well as reach a wider crowd to act.

As well as all that this is the perfect platform for teens and kids to voice their opinions in a very loud and public way which is also unique and creative providing quite a bit of attention.

Hopefully this can become a reality too but at this stage they’re all ideas. But if I can get enough people worldwide and in Australia as well as Hong Kong it may even happen by Christmas next year.



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