COP16 is coming up, the UN conference will be held on November 29th- December 10th in Cancun, Mexico. This conference on climate change has had less of a build up compared to the previous conference COP15 held in Denmark last year.

Despite the build up and urgency emphasised at the conference last year this year is no different. Last year we got no where at all it was all just talk and no acting. Time is ticking there is a huge urgency for countries especially located in Oceania to get a proposal passed as well as  getting clear cut action from many of the ‘bully’ countries such as the U.S., China and Britain.

The problem with this conference is that they are only discussing future commitments, what about the present? What are their present commitments? We always plan for the future but not the now things planned for the future but not the present have always gone wrong. Take what has happened earlier today, the recent mining catastrophe that has happened in New Zealand and trapped 24 miners is a lesson that should be learned. They planned for the rescue of those miners in the future it was only a few days difference but because they planned a rescue in the future they didn’t see a second explosion coming that killed all 24 miners trapped.

This can easily happen with the climate, the climate right now is unstable and this is important-humans do not I repeat do not control the climate or environment. This is something that always gets to me, future planning is completely obsolete when you are trying to save something you have no control over. Anything can happen at anytime. Corporations and country leaders as well as we people  have abused the land and environment to point of nearly no return. We know better now, we have learned our lesson, we want to see change we want to redeem ourselves. We need to work with the land not against it. That is the most important rule.

So these talks at COP16 need to actually mean something and need to be worth something unlike ‘climate gate’ at COP15.

I hope the ‘underdog’ countries remember that they have the power to walk out and really do something if the deal is cutting them short of what they need.

People aren’t going to wait around forever to see something finally done so I’m going to keep a close eye on COP16 just like I did for COP15.



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