“Be the change you want to see in the world”-Ghandi

This line is the mantra of the TED conferences worldwide and for those who want change in this world. It is also and inspiring line in it self, it speaks plainly but with a powerful  driving force. The context Mahatma Ghandi said these words in was after a prayer service and people were kept saying to him “but the world needs to change in order for us to change” and Ghandi replied with “No, the world will not change if we don’t change.” These words still speak true to this day.

Everyday people say they will or they want to change or want to see change always waiting for the right moment in life to see or act. The fact is there will never be that perfect moment where you will just change. If you truly believe in your cause and it takes you up in a fiery passion you will change and you will be that change you want to see.

The most successful people who have wanted to see change, were the change they wanted to see in this world. William Kamkwamba wanted electricity for his family he wanted a change that will help his village and at 14 years old a high school drop out, he was that change he wanted to see. He built a windmill out of scrap parts in rural africa with basically no money at all. This is an amazing feat and it shows that we have no excuse for delaying to see change or delay changing something.

Climate change nor pressing issues in this day and age will magically sort themselves out. They need to be acted upon now. No more waiting because waiting is getting us nowhere. Organisations are doing their bit but what they have failed to see is that youth like me are ready and willing to act, we will literally jump at the chance. But the problem is that organisations don’t have an internship program where we can learn how they act/work so we can try and be the change we want to see. They have plenty of projects where we volunteer at yes, but as teens some of us want to act specifically at one issue right now, no waiting only we don’t have the skills needed to start up.

What I am trying to get at is that there is a huge amount of people who want change most of them youth we try to change things but we need to work as a collective body which is hard to do because we lack the skills to get organised or even getting a proper platform where we can shout from the roofs that we want change and we want it now.

It’d be nice for organisations to have a internship, job shadowing or even workshops for teens to give them the tools and skills for us to be the change we want to see that will allow people to take us seriously.



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