TEDx Youth day@Hong Kong Follow-up

Ok. I’m not going to lie because TEDx Hong Kong was AMAZING. There was a Ukelele player named Jake Shimabukuro he is the most amazing ukelele player I have ever seen. His fingers are literally lightning fast and he played a rock song and a classical piece which was just beautiful.

There was a man named Derek Kiwk who has run across 7 deserts, 2 jungles and 1 mountain. This man is a investment professional but still plans run in the U.S, India and mainland China. What he did was just wow. And he did this not to prove anything but only because this was his passion. Same for Jake it was his passion that led him to all this and being one of the best ukelele players in the world.

Alvina Lai who also gave a talk is 12 years old and won all the tennis competitions in Hong Kong in 2008. She also plays in the 18 and under girls singles circuit, she plans on being a professional tennis player in the future which I believe she will have no trouble obtaining.

An interesting talk at the event was ‘Laughing Yoga” where laughter is the best medicine, forcing yourself to laugh and laughing at other people who are also laughing at you simultaneously is the funniest and weirdest scenario ever. Despite the weirdness I’m glad I did it because it was just the best feeling laughing at your friends and complete strangers for now apparent reason, Laughing Yoga HK has a goal to have 10,000 people in HK by June practising Laughing Yoga. And I’m here to help them on their goal because I reckon it’s just the most fun yet weirdest thing to do.

Dr.Ervin Lázló had a very interesting talk, he used to be an accomplished pianist who performed at many concerts and such but he is now renowned philosopher of science, systems theorist and integral theorist. His story was just mind-blowing to listen to. For someone who was already an accomplished pianist and famous for it to suddenly change his mind and shift to something completely different is just amazing. Dr. Lázló is also a lecturer at Yale University. I advise you to head over to the TEDx Talks and listen to his story.

One of the most memorable talks was by Anand Chulani who managed to make a room full of people shout at the top of their lungs that they were a geek. It was the funniest thing to ever do. He uses the ‘LOL method’ which uses the power of laughter to help kids build self-confidence, develop emotional intelligence and create deeper relationships. He uses this method by making you shout out to the world that you are a geek and why just basically anything about you that you think other people might find geeky or what you think is geeky. After his talk I am proud to call myself a geek for wanting to change the world and save the environment by either blogging, becoming a journalist or an activist.

There were many, many other inspirational talks on the day but those were just a few to show you what it was like and that the main theme of the day was just finding your passion and going for it instead of questioning it.




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