Email dead? :O

Yesterday Facebook launched a new messaging interface as well as a outstanding proposal. Mark Zuckerburg stated that email is going to die slowly, the most ancient and original messaging service is going to die?
What Mark said is quite plausible even I don’t use email anymore! I get most of my information, communication, events and socialising off Facebook now. To me well email is starting to die and soon we’ll be entering the days of “Hey kids, did you know when I was your age we had this messaging service called the ’email’?” Although I hardly use email anymore anyway I’m going to miss it. That formal form of addressing people, the search and remembering of a persons email all of that though troublesome will be lost, missed and forgotten. Technology really is growing at an amazing rate, it has changed drastically in just 10 measly years.
Although I hope it will slow down just a bit, I kind of want to see what comes next. But is more better? We live in a taker society where everything we do is just take, take, take and well take. More is better, BIGGER is better, smaller, faster, smarter is better! Why can’t we just be happy with how things already are and work with it? Not against it forever changing it.

So in conclusion bravo to Facebook revealing the truth that we will all have to face (but seriously I would not like to see my parents OR my grandparents on Facebook *shiver*).



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