My favourite word of the day.

Anagnorisis: Going from ignorance to knowlege.


Angorisis is quite an odd word, it can say so much and mean so much with just four little syllables. Pity we hardly use this word anywhere other then classical drama and Aristotle. What happened to beautiful long words that could say so much with so little letters?

How did we become a society which has developed slowly over millennia begin to shorten everything? Words and phrases like “by the way” has been shortened into “btw” and laughing too! How in the world did “ha ha ha” turn in to “LOL.” I personally, though a teenager find the acronym distasteful and ugly. Language has developed over years, structure has been reinforced, fluidity has been perfected. Language is perfect the way it is! We have no need to shorten it or change it. With the giant leap into the technological age language is also changing.

The life of a person living in the 21st century is becoming fast-paced where we hardly have time for anything our minds turn to the internet and telly, with everything ‘old’ and beautiful rusting away or forgotten. I miss the time where I could ride my bike where ever I pleased, go outside and play with all the kids in my court and even go on the good old scooter for a quick ride around the court. Now my bike and scooter are rusting away, literally. Beautiful landscapes filled with trees, colour, music and the smell of fresh air have disappeared only to be replaced by hard, cold concrete buildings and paths. The music has warped into loud, noisy congested traffic and as for the air? Replaces by the noxious fumes coming from the rear of a car.

As I stated before, I love how long complex words only a few letters long can mean so much.



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